Recipe: Tofu with garlic arrows

Тофу с чесночными стрелками

Tofu with garlic arrows – is a very easy dish that is full of protein. Many people ask where to get protein on a vegetarian diet. Tofu is one great protein source that you can implement into your diet.

You will need:

  • 500 gr. firm tofu;
  • 300 gr. garlic arrows;
  • 📌Onion;
  • 📌Vegetable oil;
  • 📌Salt, pepper, and spices to taste.


  • Cut tofu, garlic arrows, and onion;
  • Add oil to pan and fry tofu on a high heat;
  • 🔹Add garlic arrows and onion onto the pan, lower the heat;
  • 🔹Fry the whole mix until garlic arrows are tender;
  • 🔹Add salt and pepper to taste;
  • 🔹Use any sauce that you like. Sweet and sour and soy sauce.


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