How to: fall asleep faster and sleep better.

Cold days came very suddenly and took away some of my energy. Now I feel like I only want to sit under my blanket, read books and drink hot drinks. My sleep preferences also changed. This time of the year I fully understand bears who sleep 24/7. Sleep, in general, plays a very important role in our lives. Good and comfortable rest – is beauty, health, and an amazing mood.

Today I want to share my “before going to bed” tips that will help you fall asleep in a best possible way.

First of all, I open the window in my room and let the air flow around. This method makes your atmosphere very fresh and lets you fall asleep faster.


Next thing that I always do during evening time is light some candles. Fire makes everything warm (obvious reasons) and cozy. What else do you need when it is cold outside? I prefer candles right before I go to bed and read. By the way, this leads us to the next point that I highly recommend – a good book.

chamomile teaNowadays It is hard to let go of any electronic devices. However, we should do so sometimes. I try putting away my smartphone when I prepare to sleep. A good book will calm you down and slow all irritating thoughts that might bother you. A key to a fast falling asleep is calmness. By the way, a warm drink during your reading can also help settle your mood and calm everything down. I highly recommend drinking chamomile tea (if you don’t have an allergy like my mom). If you don’t like tea in general you can make yourself a cup of hot chocolate or some mulled wine with spices. I will definitely create a recipe on that very soon.


When I was a little girl my dad used to play some new age music for me before I went to bed. We had this CD that I absolutely loved and always fell asleep during the music sessions. The best new age choice for me is Oliver Shanti and Friends. My favorite tracks are Sacral Nirvana and Well Balanced.

I hope that you will have wonderful Autumn days and nights.


About Anna Kelberg

I'm a passionate life lover, vegetarian, blogger, vlogger and a mother of one loud toy terrier. I love photography and appreciate art in every possible way.