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Hi guys! Today I want to share my favorite iphone apps for photo editing. With the creation, if Instagram photo editing on the smart phones became extremely popular. Being interested in photography and art for a long time, I also followed the mainstream. I just feel like it is very great that people started embracing their creativity. Even if it is just a photo on your Instagram account.


I have tried many photo apps and I always try new ones, just for the sake of my curiosity. In many apps, there is a basic collection of tools to use, such as brightness and contrast regulation, color correction, sharpness etc. However, I use a few applications for various uses.


AfterlightThe first application is Afterlight. This application allows its users to make the photo brighter, sharper, faded or more colorful. You can also adjust grain amount and temperature.


Next thing that is available in this application is different photo filters. I guess there is no need to explain photo filters in detail. Get the application and check them yourself =)


The thing that I like about this app is that it is possible to add different dust filters onto the photos, which make them old and vintage. Also, it is possible to add light leaks and frames. Those make the photos stand out from thousands of selfies haha


Also, I like to rotate my images from time to time and this application makes it very easy. You can also crop your pictures and frame them as you wish. Want a polaroid frame? No problem. Circle, Triangle shape? Easy.

 Afterlight is also avaliable for Android и Windows mobile – http://afterlight.co/

For more inspiration and ideas you can check their official Instagram account –  http://instagram.com/afterlight/


































VSCO camSecond app that became very trendy is VSCOcam. The main tool that I use in this app is filters. I love VSCOcam filters more than the ones from Afterlight. It is possible to adjust the amount of filter applied to your photo. There are many paid filter packs and some free ones. Anyhow there are a lot. It also has all the adjustments such as Brightness and Contrast.

You can also buy all VSCOcam filters for your Lightroom or Photoshop at their official website. If you prefer to edit on a big scale this opportunity is priceless!

Avaliable for Android – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vsco.cam

Instagram – http://instagram.com/vsco

Website – http://vsco.co/vscocam


Studio appStudio application. A while ago I fell in love with different graphics introduced in this app. There are many packs with doodles, clipart, phrases, lines and arrows that you can use onto your photos. You can create interesting photo art. This app lets you create your profile where all of your creations will be posted.


I also use some clip arts and doodles for this website, such as borders, and graphics. =)
Also avaliable for Android – http://www.madewithstudio.com/

 Instagram – http://instagram.com/madewithstudio/



Photo candyPhoto Candy app is also a great choice if you like creating bright, colorful, unusual pictures. It has many interesting features such as presets, patterns, shapes and background. You can add different shapes to your photo and write something in the middle for example. You can add sayings and patterns onto your picture. I feel that this app is great for summer! You can add various elements to your picture, create surrealistic designs and I think that the summer is the best time for these experiments.

Check out Photo Candy Instagram account to see what you can create with this app – http://instagram.com/photocandyapp


Photo candy




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